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Our Services

We are your Expert Medical Detectives

Using a combination of Diagnostic and Treatment techniques taken from Western Biochemical, Asian, Functional, Biological, Genetic, Longevity, and Complementary Energetic Medicines, individualized treatments programs are established for each patient.

Our focus is always on YOU and helping you
achieve YOUR Health Goals.

Traditional Asian Medicine

Acupuncture – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Five Element, Eight Principle, Royal Lineage, and other styles – Moxibustion (heat therapy) – Tui Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage) and Shiatsu / Acupressure treatments – Chinese and other Asian Herbal Therapies – Nutrition – Individual and Group instruction in Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan* and Qi Gong (Chinese Therapeutic Exercises) Meditation/Stress Reduction Techniques and Instruction Oriental Principles of Life Therapy
*Individual, woman, children, and mixed group Self-Defense and Advanced Martial Arts training available on qualification.


Modern Applications of Ancient Asian Medical Theory

Non-Invasive, Needle-less Acupoint Treatment Therapies – Laser Therapy – ACUGRAPH ™ Electronic Meridian Diagnosis – ACUTRON, the world’s Most Advanced Electro Light Therapy – Auricular Acupuncture (Ear Treatments) – Weight Control – Substance Use Control – Stop Smoking Treatments – Pain Control – Scar Treatment – Cosmetic Acupuncture


Functional and Longevity Medicine

Blood Chemistry Testing and Analysis – Nutritional and Supplement Recommendations based on Blood Chemistry – Other Body Substance Testing – Endocrine/Hormonal Testing – Mucosal Barrier and Intestinal Function testing – Genetic Testing – Nutritional and Supplement Recommendations based on Genetic Testing – Allergy and Immune Function Testing – Full range of Western Diagnostic Testing Available – Diagnosis and Treatment of most Internal Medical conditions

European Biological Medicine

German Electro Acupuncture and Electro Acupuncture According to Voll – Classical and Complex Homeopathy – Dark field Microscopy / SANUM remedies – Physiological Regulating Medicine / GUNA Homeopathics – Medication Testing – BioPuncture Injection Therapies – Nutritional, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Chelation, and other IV Therapies – UV Blood Irradiation Treatment – Ozone Therapy


Western Emergency Medicine

Dr. Ross is a Nationally Registered and NM and FL State Certified Paramedic. Under special arrangement he is available to work under these certifications.

Other Services

Stress Reduction / Meditation / Relaxation Classes and Instruction – Lectures and training for lay people and Medical Professionals in all aspects of Traditional and Modern Asian Medicine – Classes and Instruction in Western Medicine for Complementary Practitioners and Complementary Medicine for Western Practitioners – Classes in Herbal Medicine East and West – Herb/Drug Interaction Information and Prevention Workshops – Exercise, Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control Classes and Workshops – Rife Frequency Treatments – Energy Reading and Balancing – Reiki – Energy Body Work – Advanced CranioSacral Therapy / Somato-Emotional Release – Visceral Manipulation – St John Neuromuscular Technique – Medical Intuitive Readings – Enneagram Based Transpersonal Counseling – Ceremony and Healing Rituals – Individual and Group Prayer and Faith Based Healing Sessions – Sufi and Tibetan Buddhist Healing Practices