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10 Taoist Secrets for Longevity and Happiness

” There is an old folk song that teaches that very clearly. It goes:

There once was a traveler

who happened upon ten men by the seaside.

Each of the men was over a hundred years old,

and each was healthy and strong.

The traveller came close and begged them

to tell their secret: how did they live so long and stay so happy?

The first old man stroked his beard and said: I don’t drink.

The second old man smiled and said: After every meal, I take a short walk.

The third old man laughed and said: I am content with eating fruit and vegetables and grains.

The fourth old man carried a heavy stick by his side and said : I enjoy walking wherever I can instead of riding.

The fifth old man rolled up his shirt sleeves and said: I take pleasure in doing my own small chores.

The sixth old man , with a graceful movement, said: I follow the example of the sun and the moon and practice T’ai Chi.

The seventh old man rubbed his big nose and said: I open the windows and let the fresh air in.

The eight old man touched his mustache and said:My way is early to bed and early to rise.

The ninth old man rubbed his cheeks and said: I bathe myself in the sun and let my skin absorb its radiance.

The tenth old man raised his eyebrows and said: I always keep my mind clear of emotion, and allow neither anger nor worry nor fear to stay there.

If anyone can follow these simple guide lines, he will find happiness and enjoy a long and healthy life. They are the source of many good methods and practices which can enable one to overcome all mental, physical, and spiritual problems; they are the true religion of mankind.

After achieving oneself through objective experiment and personal realization, one should then teach others to regard their own body as a temple, their own mind as a high priest, and their entire life being as the true substance of worship. This is by no means self worship in the ordinary sense, for through developing one’s own life being, one’s achievement becomes the truth of human achievement. Thus it is people who develop themselves in this way who are the true leaders of human progress.” 

Master Ni, Hua Ching, The Uncharted Voyage Toward the Subtle Light

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